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bill tafs - 07-23-2011
just to let you know im alive... i would love to see you guys maybe when things get better im 71 married 47 years two kids three grandkids i stiil work and party i hope alot of my classmates are still around i will be there someday

Kent Gernander - 08-24-2009
Fred Kaplan has written a book entitled '1959: The Year that Changed Everything.'  He chronicles 'this vital, overlooked year that set the world as we know it in motion' and 'pieces together the vast, untold story of a civilization in flux—and paints vivid portraits of the men and women whose creative energies, ideas, and inventions paved the way for the new era.'
Here is a link to his website:
He does not dwell on our graduation from Denfeld, but I am sure he would consider it among the year's vital, overlooked events.
Nadine Jacobson Sanville - 08-20-2009
   What a wonderful time I had at the reunion.
   It was great to see my friends Pat Johnson, Royleen & Janet, + others, Sandy Johnson, Peggy Ralph, Sharon Johnson, Janet Forsberg, Dave (and his wife, Sandy) Gravelle, JoAnn Grover, Elaine Christianson, & so many others that I think are just terrific.  You're all such good people--it was a special group.  I was sad to see so many dear friends who aren't with us any more--including my cousin Tom.
   Thanks much for all your work COMMITTEE.  I love the book you put together & the events at those nice places.  Thanks Bonnie for the lovely flower arrangements; JoAnn for the super presentation; Sharon for being Mistress of Ceremonies; Sandy & Rod & others who were more behind-the-scenes.
Missing Sheet from the Book:
   After I graduated from Denfeld I went to work at UMD, but I went back to school a few years later & graduated from UMD in Accounting.  I was the first woman hired by my CPA firm in Mpls &, I believe, one of the first women to receive my CPA certificate--there are MANY in the field now, but it was tough then, you wouldn't believe some of the nasty professors (''you should be at home having babies', etc.)  I kept going to school, taking more classes in taxes at the Mpls campus.  After graduation I worked in accounting, then the tax dept., at Dayton-Hudson (now Target, which was my operating company for tax preparation) &  I ended up preparing the tax workpapers for the sale of the 9 shopping centers owned by DHC.  Turned out it was the largest real estate transaction in the world at that time.  It was exciting to work with the IRS on this project--they wanted me to join the IRS when I left DHC, but there were many bombing threats in Mpls at that time and I'm a chicken.
   I have lived in Mpls; Bloomington, IN; San Diego, W. Los Angeles (during the 1994 earthquake--what a jolt), Calabasas, CA; Scottsdale, Corte Bella & Sun City West, AZ.
   I live in Sun City West & have a little 2 BR rental on a golf course nearby.  I also rent out timeshares around the world to happy people who love to travel (as I do).  
   Most recently I went to RE college & now work as a Realtor here in SCW--if you want to buy a 2nd home here, let me know.   Before that, I did consulting work in Mesa and Montreal, Canada.
   My sisters from MN purchased homes nearby & we have a great time with friends who live here.  My sisters still go back to visit family in MN when it's 'a little warm' here in AZ.
   Jim & I love to sing & belong to a couple of karaoke clubs in the area.  We sing in the annual show each year so we get to dress up in fancy clothes.  Jim sings like Lou Rawls, Engelbert Humperdinck + others with those wonderful bass voices.  I do Anne Murray, Karen Carpenter, Lionel Richie, Barry Manilow, other guys (can you tell I have a LOW voice?).
   Since I didn't fill out one of the sheets for the book (it was a busy time) I've completed the info for the missing sheet above.
   It was good to see you all--it was a great class and I was lucky to be a part of it.  Stay well, all of you, and be there at the next reunion.
   Your classmate, Nadine
Phillip A. Erickson - 08-16-2009
50 years! Imagine that! An enormous wealth of life experiences for each of us!
I made it to the Friday fracas at Blackwoods. It was terrific to see and talk with so many people. My loss for not reaching everyone. It was a good event and I am certain Saturday was good fun as well.
All the best to all the class of 1959 at Denfeld Highs School in Duluth MN. RIP to all those who have gone on to the next place.
The best is yet to come.
Evonne MacDonald Schlichting - 08-08-2009
Many thanks to the reunion committee for all their hard work in making the 2009 reunion such a success!!  I only a attended Friday but I am sure sure Sat. night will be great fun too!  The books were really a wonderful  addition  and must have taken  a lot of time and work to put together. It was appreciated!Kudos to you all!!
ronald robinson - 07-30-2009
Won't see you at the reunion unfortunately, it would be fun.  Would like to hear from you, if you care to E-Mail.  I live in Duluth again after living in a number of places through the years.
Arnie Rose - 07-20-2009
I wasn't sure until the last minute - but I will be unable to attend the reunion -bummer.  I would have loved to continue a few of those conversations that ended in 59. The last time I spoke with Ray Koski was the evening before he joined the Navy.  Great to see he survived that night at the lake and the subsequent wet ride home in a police car.......
I'm still in Vegas and have yet to retire completely.  If anyone is in Vegas, we're in the phone book and our rates are much cheaper than the casino rates.
c.patrick sowl - 06-05-2009
we're back in duluth after several years in so. california and looking forward to renewing old friendships.although i've been back for a long while,i haven't seen  very many of the old classmates.    i worked in oem engineering in los angeles, san fran.and st paul.for many years.for the last 23 yrs i've been a real estate agent.married the former gayle clancey(10yrs)present wife kathy for36 yrs.3 kids,dean,44,laurie,47,and my baby matt,33.1 granddaughter,marcella,3.
Nadine Jacobson Sanville - 03-05-2009
I have certainly enjoyed reading the comments in your Guestbook.  I didn't know there was a 45th reunion but have discovered there IS a 50th.  I just made reservations for my trip to MN.  I haven't been to a reunion since 1986 for the all-school reunion.  Didn't see too many of my classmates then but hope to see a lot more in August since it's our BIG 50.
   Thanks to all who created this website.
   If anyone comes out to AZ in March, April, send me an email.  I'd love to talk to you about old times!
Walter R. (Bob) Bjorklund - 08-17-2008
Greeting from the sunny south.  I retired from the Air Force as a pararescue medic/survival instructor after 20+ years here in Columbus, MS.  I started a new career as a ER/psych registered nurse and have retired a second time.  I presently work as a non-paid Chief Financal Officer with the American Legion here in Columbus.  I would very much enjoy coming to the reunion, but that would depend on my wife's health.  I would love to hear from ya'll via e-mail.  

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